How to Change Address in HDFC Credit Card

HDFC credit cardholders have the option to modify their address both offline and online if there is a difference between their current address and the one registered with the bank. If you have a credit card, it's important to stay informed about any periodic changes the bank makes to the features, benefits fees, and charges. Even though the bank usually uses email to communicate correspondence, there are circumstances when they would rather use a physical address. After moving, cardholders frequently forget to update their correspondence address.

Online Process to Change Address for HDFC Credit Cards

Using netbanking

Step 1: The cardholder must log in to the bank's portal using his registered user name and password. Step 2: Once logged in, the cardholder needs to find and click the contact detail option on the website (it is located on the menu). Then he has to select the “update address” option. Step 3: The list of approved documents to prove your address will now appear on the screen. Now, the cardholder must choose the form of address evidence and scan a copy that needs to be self-attested. Next, he needs to select "Add and Upload" after clicking the "Continue" button on the screen. Step 4: The cardholder must confirm the information after the document has been uploaded.

The new address is automatically changed after the paper has been verified.

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How to Download the Declaration Form to Change the HDFC Credit Card Address

The procedure for changing one's address online was as follows. The address change form is also available for download from the bank's website; simply fill it out on paper. Along with the form, the cardholder should also attach the necessary self-attested copy of address verification document and ultimately courier it to any of the local bank’s branch.

Offline Process Change Address for HDFC Credit Card

  • You can update or modify your address offline by going into the HDFC bank branch that is closest to you and speaking with a bank representative. When you visit the branch, you must have original documentation as identification.
  • The process can also be started by calling the HDFC credit card toll-free number, 61606161/61606116, and speaking with an executive.

Document Required to Change Address in HDFC Credit Card

Any of the following can be submitted as evidence of address by HDFC credit cardholders:

  • Copy of Aadhaar card
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Copy of voter's ID card
  • Copy of 'driver's license
  • Receipt of property or municipal tax.
  • Copy of job card issued NREGA and signed by the officer of State Government.
  • Copy of letter issued by a gazette officer with a photograph of the cardholder duly attested.
  • Copy of utility bill like electricity bill, landline, postpaid mobile bill, gas line, and water bill. The bill should not be more than 2 months old.
  • Copy of post office savings bank account statement/passport or bank account.

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Necessity of Changing Address for HDFC Credit Card

When requesting an address change for your HDFC credit card, there are a few things to consider:

  • After receiving a fully documented request for a change of address, the required modifications are made within 7 working days.
  • In a joint account, both holders must complete two different forms.
  • The bank website login portal displays the updated status under the "my contact details" header.
  • If more information is needed, one can also get in touch with phone banking, where the cardholder will need to provide specific information such as the name of the branch where the request was made, the date it was submitted, and the new address along with the pin number.

FAQs on Address Change in HDFC Credit Card

Get the HDFC Credit card address change form by going to the bank's official website. To download the form, click this link as well. Once the form has been completed, mail it to the address listed on the form or turn it in at the closest HDFC branch.

Yes, each joint account holder must submit a separate application to modify their address.

You can use Net Banking or the mail or courier to modify the credit card billing address.

Once the documentation has been verified, it would take approximately seven business days for the address change.

No, the cardholder is not notified by SMS from the bank. However, you can visit the closest Branch to find out how the request is progressing.

You can check for an updated address under "My Contact Details" after logging into HDFC Net Banking.

The only way you would be notified of a change in correspondence address via SMS is if you have enrolled in HDFC Bank's SMS service.

If you want to prove your address in case other crucial documents are out of date, you can give the bank a copy of a current utility bill (gas passbook, electricity bill, etc.), municipal tax receipt, property tax receipt, or pension payment orders.

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