American Express® Credit Card

Globally, American Express® is recognized for providing high-quality credit card services. You're in the right place if you want to take advantage of the best credit card offer available from a reputable credit card provider. Multiple credit cards are available from American Express® to meet a variety of personal requirements, including dining, shopping, travel, entertainment, and more. American Express® provides credit cards as well as "Charge Cards," which have no upper limit on purchases. The American Express Platinum Card is an Ultra Premium Credit Card known for its premium lifestyle and travel advantages. It is provided as a "metal" card in India.

There are just seven cards offered by American Express, two of which are charge cards and five of which are credit cards. American Express® Gold Card, American Express® Platinum Travel Credit Card, American Express® Platinum ReserveSM Credit Card, American Express® Platinum Card, American Express SmartEarnTM Credit Card, American Express PAYBACK® Credit Card, and American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card are all included in this.

At MybankingTips, you can apply and compare multiple various American Express® credit cards. The best credit cards in each category are included below, along with information on annual fees and characteristics, to assist you in selecting the best credit card.

Top American Express® Credit Cards

The American Express credit cards listed below are options for those looking for a high-end credit card service. All of these cards have been specifically designed to fulfill the needs of various categories of people with various spending habits. You must examine the card's features and benefits as well as the issuer's eligibility requirements before applying for any credit card.

How to Apply for American Express® Bank Credit Cards Online at MybankingTips

MybankingTips offers American Express® credit cards. To apply for these cards, simply follow the instructions listed below:

  • Visit MybankingTips American Express® Credit Card Section.
  • Select Your Ideal Credit Card.
  • Click on the ‘ Apply Now’ tab.
  • Fill in the required details to find out if you are eligible to apply for the card.
  • Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on ‘Submit’.
  • After you have successfully provided all the required information, you will receive a message with your application ID.

How To Apply For American Express Bank Credit Card Online Through The Bank’s Website

You can apply for a credit card or charge card from American Express by doing the following:

Step 1: Go to their website and click to the American Express Credit Card or Charge Card page. Step 2: Compare and analyze the various cards on offer, then choose the one that best meets your needs. Select "Apply Now" from the menu. Step 3: A different window with the application form will open. Your name, date of birth, income, PAN, and address are a few of the personal information that must be provided. Step 4: Choose 'Save' to go to the next screen, where you will be asked for further financial data, including your bank account information. Step 5: After completing the necessary fields and checking the information, click "Apply." Step 6: You will get a confirmation that your application was received after submitting it. Step 6: You have to provide identification and sign for it when it is delivered. Step 7: American Express may request the necessary paperwork to verify your identity and legal status.

After submitting your application, you will be notified back within 15 days. If not, the decision will be informed to you in a period of 90 days.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for American Credit Cards

Each American Express® card has different requirements for eligibility. However, the following general requirements must be met in order to be eligible for an American Express® credit card:

  • Credit score: A CIBIL score of at least 750 is required.
  • Age: When applying for a card, the candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • Nationality: If they are successful in presenting the necessary paperwork, both foreign nationals and Indian citizens are qualified for an Amex credit or charge card in India.
  • Income: When it comes to the minimum income requirement criteria, a professional who is employed must earn a minimum of Rs 4.5 lakh annually. For professionals who work for themselves, the minimum revenue required is Rs 6 Lakh.
  • Occupation: There are American Express® Credit Cards available for both self-employed and salaried persons.
  • Accounts: Every candidate interested in credit or charge cards from American Express must be in good financial condition with a multinational bank or an Indian scheduled commercial bank in terms of savings or current accounts.
  • Credit History: The credit score must meet Amex requirements and there should be no past history of payment problems.
  • Serviceable Cities: The National Capital Territory of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Indore, Coimbatore, Surat, Vadodara, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Nagpur, Nasik, Trivandrum, and Mysore are among the places where applicants must have a present or permanent address.

Required Documents to Apply for American Credit Card

A list of acceptable documents for the KYC of American Express charge and credit cards has been declared by the company.

Proof of Identity PAN Card, Passport, Aadhaar card, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Overseas Citizen of India Card, Job card issued by NREGA, Person of Indian Origin Card, Letters issued by the UIDAI or any other government approved photo ID proof
Proof of Address Passport, Driver’s License, Aadhaar card, Utility Bill not more than 3 month’s old, Ration Card, Property Registration Document, Person of Indian Origin Card, Job card issued by NREGA, Bank Account Statement or any other government approved address proof
Proof of Income

(For salaried)

  • Salary certificate
  • Recent salary slip/s
  • Last 3 months’ bank statement
  • Employment letter

(For self-employed)

  • Certified financials
  • Latest Form 16
  • Last 3 months’ bank statement
  • Recent ITR (Income Tax Returns)
  • Audited profit and loss statement or balance sheet

American Express® Credit Card: Fees & Charges

A few common fees and charges that are associated with American Express® credit cards are listed below:

Fee Type Amount
Joining Fee Varies from card to card
Annual Fee Varies from card to card
Finance Charges 3.5% p.m.
Over limit fee 2.5%
Card replacement fee Rs.100 to Rs.250
Cash Advance Fee 3.5% of the withdrawn amount (Minimum Rs. 250)

Consider a card's annual fee, joining fee, and best use while reviewing it.

Card Variant Joining Fee Annual Fee Best For
American Express Gold ₹ 1,000 ₹ 4,500 Rewards
American Express SmartEarn ₹ 495 ₹ 495 Rewards
American Express Membership Rewards ₹ 1,000 ₹ 4,500 Rewards
American Express Platinum Reserve ₹ 5,000 ₹ 10,000 Lifestyle
American Express Platinum ₹ 60,000 ₹ 60,000 Lifestyle
American Express Platinum Travel ₹ 3,500 ₹ 5,000 Travel
American Express® Platinum Card ₹ 60,000 + Taxes ₹ 60,000 + Taxes Travel & Premium Privileges
American Express® Gold Card ₹ 4,500 + Taxes ₹ 4,500 + Taxes Shopping & Rewards
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American Express Credit Cards Features and Benefits

American Express provides a variety of credit cards that come with a number of unique features and advantages across a number of areas, such as reward programs, movie and dining bonuses, travel, and much more. You can check American Express Cards based on all the features they provide and select the one that best meets your needs.

Welcome Benefits

When you get a credit card and pay the joining fee, you become eligible for the welcome benefits of the card membership. Your welcome benefit may vary depending on whatever American Express card you have; it may come in the form of gift cards, accelerated cash back, or bonus membership points.

Travel benefits

Some American Express Credit/Charge Cards come with attractive travel bonuses as well. Benefits associated to travel include free access to airport lounges, free memberships to specific hotels and airlines, free hotel and airline vouchers, special savings on travel-related expenses, and much more.

Movie & Dining Benefits

American Express Cards usually provide savings on dining and movie tickets, free movie tickets, buy one get one ( BOGO) offers, free of charge memberships with dining privileges, and many more incentives related to dining and movies.

Milestone Benefits

The milestone benefits are provided to cardholders after reaching a minimum spend threshold within a specified time period. This period of time may be every month, following several months, or following an anniversary year.

Reward Points

Every time you use your credit card to make a purchase with an American Express Card, you will receive Membership Rewards. On the other hand, each American Express card may have a different reward rate, and some categories may offer faster rewards.

Other Benefits

A 1% fuel surcharge waiver, a spend-based yearly fee waiver, insurance benefits across many categories, golf privileges, and more are among the additional perks provided by American Express cards.

Build credit

Credit cards from American Express might help you establish good credit and a high credit score if you use them wisely. To improve your credit score, make sure you use your card frequently and pay back all balances on schedule. You'll then find it simpler to get loans in the future as a result.

EMI option

When used carefully, credit cards can help you spend more by enabling you to make large purchases when you need to. With American Express credit cards, you can convert purchases worth at least Rs. 5,000 into installment payments (EMIs) at the time of transaction or later on, and you won't be charged for foreclosure or have to deal with any paperwork.

Credit card protection

You may use your credit card safely both online and offline because of American Express's strong safety features.

Online fraud protection guarantee

American Express early detection technologies keep a watch out for possibly fraudulent behavior. You won't be held accountable for any unauthorized charges in the unfortunate occurrence of card fraud.

Contactless payment

You can make secure and smart payments for any purchases under Rs. 5,000 using your American Express card's contactless payment feature. Simply tap your credit card on the point-of-sale's contactless reader.

Emergency replacement card

No matter where you are in the world, American Express will usually replace your lost card within 48 hours.

Online services

You can use the American Express App or your American Express Online Card Account to see and manage your account from anywhere in the world.

Zero lost card liability

American Express offers protection against any fraudulent transactions made with your card in the event that you misplace it. Simply report the fraud within three days to have all responsibility waived.

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Features of the Major American Express Bank Credit Cards

American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card

American Express offers a premium offer with the Platinum Reserve card. In addition to a welcome bonus of 11,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points, this card has an annual membership cost of Rs. 10,000 (plus a joining fee of Rs. 5,000). Each time you spend Rs. 50 on items (other than petrol, utilities, insurance, and EMI transactions), you will receive a single Membership Rewards Point. You get a ton of other premium advantages in addition to the Membership Rewards Points, such free access to domestic and foreign lounges, golf privileges, personal aviation accident cover worth Rs. 1 crore, and a round-the-clock concierge service.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

It is an American Express premium travel credit card, as the name indicates. With every Rs. 50 you spend with this card, you'll earn 1 Membership Rewards Point. Other benefits include discounted cinema tickets, Priority Pass membership, free domestic airport lounge access, and dining privileges. As it's a travel card, spending Rs. 4 lacs during the card's membership year gets you to a special travel perk of a Taj Stay voucher (worth Rs. 10,000).

American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

This American Express card is categorized as mid-level and provides a respectable reward rate. You receive 4,000 Membership Rewards points as a welcome gift, and for every Rs. 50 you spend with the card, you will earn 1 Membership Rewards point. Get multiple milestone rewards in addition to other advantages like waivers of fuel surcharges and zero liability protection.

American Express SmartEarn Credit Card

American Express offers an entry-level credit card for shopping called the SmartEarn card. You can get Rs. 500 cashback as a Welcome Benefit on eligible spends of Rs. 10,000 within the first ninety days of the card membership, and it has an estimated annual cost of Rs. 495. In addition, this card offers you the following Reward Points advantages:

  • Spending Rs. 2,500 on Amazon and Flipkart combined (500 MRP), Rs. 2,500 on Uber rides (500 MRP), and Rs. 2500 on 5X partner merchants such as Paytm, Swiggy, etc. (250 MRP) will allow you to earn up to 1,250 Membership Rewards Points in a month at an accelerated rate.
  • Every Rs. 50 spent with the card gives you 1 Membership Reward Point; purchases for fuel, insurance, utilities, cash transactions, and EMI conversion at the point of sale are not eligible.
  • 5X Membership RPs (limit 250 Points/month at this rate) on Paytm wallet uploads, Swiggy, BookMyShow, Big Bazaar, PVR, Myntra, and many other merchants.
  • 10X Membership Rewards Points on both Flipkart and Amazon (up to 500 Points monthly at the accelerated rate on both sites combined).
  • 10X Membership Rewards Points are awarded for Uber rides; there is a monthly cap of 500 Points.

American Express Platinum Credit Card

The highest-end credit card offered by American Express is the Platinum card. Since it's a charge card, the credit limit is not fixed. The card has a substantial Rs. 60,000 yearly membership charge, but it also earns you

  • For foreign transactions, earn three times as much Membership Rewards Points.
  • Every Rs. 40 you spend with the card entitles you to one Membership Rewards Point.
  • Transactions completed on the Rewards Multiplier portal will earn 5X Membership RPs.

American Express Gold Card

This is yet another Charge card that American Express provides. With this card, you can select between a monthly and annual membership plan. The annual Gold Card membership price is Rs. 4,500. The following are the benefits of using this card to accrue reward points:

  • For every Rs. 50 spent using the card, you will receive 1 Membership Rewards Point.
  • Payments for cash transactions and insurance premiums are not converted into Membership Reward Points.
  • Additionally, you receive one Membership Rewards Point for every rupee fifty spend on fuel and utilities. There is a cap of 10,000 Membership Rewards Points for utilities and 5,000 Points for petrol.
  • Every transaction made using the Rewards Multiplier site earns you 5X Membership Rewards Points.

How To Activate American Express Bank Credit Cards?

The first thing you must do when you receive a new American Express credit card is activate it. You can use any of the following methods to do the same task at your convenience, both online and offline:

  • You can also use the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) to activate your American Express credit card by calling customer service and following their instructions.
  • By going into your American Express online banking account and creating a new PIN under the Account Management page, you can activate your American Express credit card.
  • Through the American Express mobile banking app, you can do the same thing. Simply sign in to the app, then select the Account page, then click on the "Manage Card PIN" option.

Factors Affecting American Express Bank Credit Card

Millions of consumers both in India and elsewhere can choose from a huge range of credit cards using American Express Credit Cards. The bank has established various eligibility requirements that determine which credit cards are offered. For the credit cards to be approved, the applicants must fulfill all of these eligibility requirements. The following are a few of the eligibility requirements that the bank has established.

The applicant's age: For applicants to be eligible for American Express credit cards, they must be a minimum of  18 years old.

The applicant's employment status: When issuing American Express credit cards, the applicants' work status is also taken into consideration. A person will not be eligible for American Express Credit Cards if they are unemployed at the moment or do not fulfill the minimum work experience requirements as mentioned in the criteria.

The applicant's income: One of the main requirements for qualifying that applicants must meet is the minimum income level. Depending on the kind of card you're applying for, different minimum income requirements apply.

Where the applicant is located: An additional important qualifying requirement for American Express credit cards is the applicant's location. These cards are only available to applicants who are located in the specific regions. Applicants can get in touch with American Express customer service to learn more about the places that are eligible.

American Express Credit Cards Login/Netbanking

By signing up for online banking, holders of American Express credit cards can simplify a number of card-related procedures. The steps to register your American Express credit card for netbanking are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the login page for American Express. Step 2: After selecting "Get Started," provide the necessary credit card information. Step 3: Press the Confirm button. Step 4: Enter your login and password, then continue as necessary.

American Express Credit Card Bill Payment

There are several ways to pay your American Express credit card bill online and offline. NEFT, UPI, Bill Desk, and standing orders are a few popular online payment options. Cardholders can also set up automatic credit card payments. For those who would rather use offline methods, they can write a draft or check and mail it to American Express or drop it off at the closest drop box.

How to Redeem American Express Credit Card Reward Points

Every time you use an American Express credit card, you can earn reward points. Your transactions earn you Membership Rewards, which you may use for a variety of benefits later on. You must use your credit card to make a transaction in order to earn reward points.

Among the various categories in which you may earn reward points are travel, shopping, and hotel reservations. But keep in mind that the rate at which rewards are earned varies depending on the card variation you have. While some cards offer reward points across all categories or brands, some provide more incentives in particular categories. In all situations, using your card to make an offline or online purchase is necessary to earn Membership Rewards.

With every transaction, you can earn American Express Membership Rewards® Points, which you can then exchange for a variety of benefits. To redeem American Express Credit Card Reward Points, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to the American Express Membership Rewards® Program's official website. Step 2: Enter your password and User ID to log in. Step 3: Decide the category you wish to buy something from. Step 4: Choose a product and put it in your shopping basket. Step 5: Finish the procedure and use your points to make your checkout payment.

Note: At participating retailers, you may use points to pay for in-store purchases as well.

Reward Multiplier

The exclusive American Express site Reward Multiplier allows you to earn Membership Reward Points at a faster pace (2X to 5X). You can buy shopping vouchers from well-known companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and others. You can also purchase goods from brands  like Apple, Lenovo, OnePlus, and others.

By using Reward Multiplier to shop, you can earn:

  • 5X Membership Points are awarded for American Express Platinum and Gold credit cards.
  • The American Express Platinum Reserve and Platinum Travel credit cards offer 3X Membership Rewards Points.
  • American Express Membership Rewards and SmartEarn credit cards earn 2X Membership Rewards points.

When is the American Express Credit Card Interest Rate Charged?

Customers who use American Express credit cards and make cash withdrawals, balance transfers, or have unpaid bills after the credit card payment deadline are subject to interest rates or finance charges. The interest rates applied to American Express credit cards are listed below:

If minimum dues are not paid by the due date, there will be overdue interest rates.

  • 3.99% monthly interest is charged to American Express Platinum ReserveTM and Platinum Travel credit cards if the minimum dues are not paid within a year three times.
  • 3.99% monthly if the minimum dues are not paid on other American Express credit cards twice in a 12-month period.

The interest rate on all cards is 3.5% each month. However, an overdue interest rate of 3.99% per month is imposed in place of 3.5% for the following 12 months, as shown  above , if the cardmember fails to make the minimum dues payment by the relevant due date. The updated interest rates return to the standard 3.5% monthly rate if you pay off the minimum credit card balance and more by the due date for at least 11 months within these 12 months.

American Express Interest-Free Period

Members of American Express credit cards may have a payment deadline that varies from 18 to 23 days after the credit card statement is generated. This extends their overall interest-free duration within a cycle to a maximum of 48 days. If the cardholders have paid the entire closing debt by the deadline on the previous month's statement and have not used the balance transfer or cash withdrawal features, they are not subject to interest charges during this time.

American Express Credit Card Application Status

If you have applied for an American Express card, you can check the progress of your application by calling or emailing American Express Cards customer service, or by going to the closest branch. To conveniently check the status of your credit card application, just remember to write down your application ID when you apply for the card.

American Express Credit Card Balance Transfer

Transferring an existing credit card balance to a new credit card is known as a balance transfer. A balance transfer to a credit card with a reduced interest rate can help you stay on top of your payments if you have a high interest credit card amount that you'd like to pay off.

*Currently, new applications for American Express credit cards do not support balance transfers.

American Express Credit Cards With No Annual Fee

Although American Express does not currently provide a lifetime free credit cards, you may still get one of their low-cost cards, the American Express SmartEarn Card, for an annual charge of Rs. 495. If an individual spent at least Rs. 40,000 in the preceding anniversary year, they can also get this small annual fee canceled.

American Express Credit Cards Reward Points and Cashback Benefits

Using an American Express card earns you Membership Reward Points. The reward point/cashback advantage that comes with the mentioned cards is explained in the following table:

Credit Card Reward Points / Cashback
American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card For every Rs 50 spent, excluding cash, insurance, petrol, and utility bill payments, earn one membership reward point.
American Express SmartEarn Credit Card With a few exceptions, 1 Membership Reward Point is worth every Rs. 50 spent. You can also earn faster rewards points by using Uber (10X), Amazon and Flipkart (10X), and other retailers like Paytm, Swiggy, PVR, and others (5%).
American Express Platinum Credit Card For every Rs. 40 spent using the card, you will receive 1 Membership Rewards Point & 3X Points for all foreign expenses.
American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card For every Rs. 50 spent using the card, you will receive 1 Membership Reward Point.
American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card For every Rs. 50 spent using the card, you will receive 1 Membership Rewards Point.
American Express Gold Credit Card For every 50 rupees that is spent using the card, you will receive 1 Membership Rewards Point.

American Express Credit Cards For Travel

American Express provides a number of credit cards with fantastic travel benefits, such as free entry to domestic and international airport lounges. The American Express Cards listed below give you access to the best travel benefits available:

AmEx Platinum Travel Credit Card

Those who enjoy traveling are the ideal customer for the AmEx Platinum Travel Card. It provides a variety of exciting travel advantages, including the following:

  • A complimentary subscription to Priority Pass.
  • Free entry to eight domestic lounges annually.
  • Taj stay coupons up to Rs. 10,000 upon reaching the spend threshold.

AmEx Platinum Reserve Card

One of the best cards that American Express has to offer is the AmEx Platinum Reserve. The travel benefits that come with this card are as follows:

  • A complimentary subscription to Priority Pass.
  • A complimentary membership to Taj Epicure.
  • 12 free passes to domestic lounges annually.

AmEx Platinum Credit Card

Since the Platinum Credit Card is the most expensive card that AmEx offers, it offers excellent rewards in every area, including travel. The travel benefits that come with this card are as follows:

  • Free unlimited access to domestic lounges.
  • Free worldwide lounge access to more than 1,600 Delta and Priority Pass locations.
  • Special discounts and offers over some of the major airlines; - Up to 25% off at Taj and Vivanta hotels.

American Express Credit Card Customer Care

In addition to providing amazing credit card options, American Express Bank provides dedicated customer assistance to its cardholders. You may always get in touch with American Express Credit Card customer service using the following information if you have any questions or concerns about your credit cards:

  • The number to reach them via phone is 1800-419-2122 (Toll-Free).
  • You can get in touch by email at using this email address.


Yes, credit cards issued by American Express® are accepted internationally. For foreign currency transactions, American Express® charges a 3.5% forex markup fee on the total amount transacted. Therefore, before using your credit card for purchases in foreign currencies, make sure you have read the terms and restrictions applicable to internationally use.

Every time you use your American Express® Credit Card, you're rewarded with Membership Rewards. For each card, there is a different rate of reward earning. You can earn Membership Rewards and then use them to purchase gift cards and other items from the American Express® Rewards Catalog. You can do this by logging into the rewards site and continuing with the redemption procedure.

Fee for the first year: Rs. 5,000 + any relevant taxes. After the second year: Rs. 10,000 plus relevant taxes.

You can visit the closest branch or log into your American Express® Credit Card account online to complete this. You have the option of paying only the minimum amount due each month or the entire amount outstanding.

Strong fraud and transaction security measures, trustworthy round-the-clock customer support, enticing signup bonuses, and the opportunity to earn reward points on practically all purchases are just a few benefits of selecting an American Express credit card with reward features.

This feature is available on all credit cards that American Express currently offers.

Yes. EMIs can be created from any transaction that exceeds Rs. 5, 000. Flexible EMI terms with a nominal interest rate of either six or twelve months will be offered.

The American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card and the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card are two credit cards that can be used for travel.

Take advantage of benefits and privileges linked to travel, golf course memberships, concierge services, fine dining, health and wellness programs, lounge access, and membership in exclusive clubs.

Add-on or supplementary credit cards are complete credit cards issued to the cardholder's dependents, such as their spouse, parents, or kids.

Yes, you can use your primary American Express® Credit Card to apply for additional or add-on credit cards. The maximum number of add-on cards you are able to apply for is limited and varies depending on the card. Also, American Express® charges a fee for additional credit cards. These add-on cards are available for your spouse, parents, and kids.

Each time you use your American Express® Credit Card, you're rewarded with Membership Rewards. For each card, there is a distinct rate of reward earning. You can accrue Membership Rewards and then use them to purchase gift cards and other items from the American Express® Rewards Catalog. You can accomplish this by logging into the rewards site and continuing with the redemption procedure.

You can update your information if you use online banking by signing into your net banking account. To update the information, you can also visit the closest American Express® branch or give them a call.

If you misplace your credit card, you should notify American Express® right away by phoning their customer service number so that the card can be hot-listed. In order to protect you from any fraudulent purchases, the agent will stop your credit card. Additionally, within ten days, the representative will start the process of issuing you a new credit card.

Yes, credit cards issued by American Express® are accepted abroad. For foreign currency transactions, American Express® levies a 3.5% forex markup fee on the total amount transacted. Therefore, before using your credit card for purchases in foreign currencies, make sure you have read the terms and restrictions related to globally use.

There are a few reasons why your card could be denied, the most frequent one being a low credit limit. If the purchase is denied even if you have the necessary funds, you need to contact American Express® to find out why the purchase was denied and have it resolved.

Each credit card has a different salary criteria. However, you need to make at least Rs. 4.5 lakh a year in order to apply for an American Express® Credit Card. In addition, the minimum income criterion varies by credit card type and can reach up to Rs. 6 lakh annually. Therefore, in order to prevent being denied, make sure you are aware of the minimum income criteria before applying for a card.

You can make purchases with a charge card, but unlike credit cards, you cannot roll over your debt to the following month by just making the minimum payment. In every cycle, you must pay off the entire balance. Additionally, there is no pre-established credit limit on the charge cards; instead, purchases are authorized based on a number of criteria.

Visit the nearest Amex location or give Amex customer service a call to do this. Additionally, the Amex net banking service offers the account update feature. Through the credit card account, American Express credit card customers may change the information.

Excluding applicable taxes, the annual price ranges from Rs 495 to Rs 60,000 per annum.

The bank can hot-list and block your card to stop any fraudulent activity or misuse, therefore the first thing you should do is notify American Express® about the lost card as soon as possible. In a few weeks, the address listed in the records will receive a new Amex card.

The minimum income requirement for salaried individuals is Rs 4.5 lakh per year, whereas for self-employed individuals it is Rs 6 lakh per year.

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