HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation

In order to meet our daily financial needs, credit cards are essential. Credit Card PIN is an essential component that protects the card from being misused and becoming the target of fraudulent activity. Credit cards issued by HDFC are protected by a Personal Identification Number, or PIN. A password for your credit card is generated and sent to you after you receive a credit card from HDFC Bank; this password can be modified. To get the PIN for their HDFC credit cards, users have a variety of choices from HDFC. Through net banking or by going to an ATM, a cardholder can quickly and conveniently update their PIN. In order to activate your HDFC credit card and use it for online and ATM transactions, you should create a four-digit PIN if you recently received HDFC credit card.

How to Generate your HDFC Credit Card PIN

There are several methods by which a cardholder can generate his HDFC credit card PIN.

  • Through ATM
  • Through Netbanking

How to Generate HDFC Credit Card PIN through ATM

To generate your HDFC credit card PIN via an ATM, follow these steps:

  • Visit any nearby HDFC ATM and insert the credit card
  • After selecting the language, select the option "Create new ATM PIN using OTP."
  • To generate the PIN for the HDFC credit card, contact the phone banking number to get the One Time Password on the registered mobile number.
  • Enter their registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to the registered mobile phone.
  • You will be able to set up your HDFC credit card's 4-digit PIN.

Your HDFC Bank credit card PIN will be updated when you enter the new PIN twice.

How to Generate HDFC Credit Card PIN through Netbanking

Consumers who have signed up for HDFC Netbanking can create or reset their HDFC credit card PIN by logging into their netbanking account with their Customer ID and IPIN:

  • Choose the "Credit Cards" option.
  • Choose the "Credit Card PIN" option.
  • Now choose the credit card using the drop-down menu that is provided.
  • Enter the new PIN twice and submit the request.
  • An OTP will now be delivered to the registered mobile number; enter the OTP and submit the request
  • The screen will display a successful completion message, and the PIN for your HDFC Bank credit card will be updated.

How to Change HDFC Bank Credit Card PIN

Credit card holders of HDFC Bank can quickly and simply modify their PIN. It is usually advised to change your physical PIN before using a card once you have one. Additionally, you can alter your PIN using any of the three methods described below if you forget it or want to update it.

  • Through HDFC ATM
  • Through HDFC net banking account
  • By sending an SMS

How to Change ATM PIN for HDFC credit card through ATM

You can also visit an ATM to modify your credit card PIN. The actions are as follows:

  • Dial 18602660333 to reach the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Pin Regeneration toll number.
  • The mobile phone number that is registered will receive an OTP.
  • Insert the credit card at an ATM provided by HDFC Bank.
  • Select the option to "Create new ATM PIN using OTP" from the language selection page.
  • Give the registered mobile number and the OTP.
  • Reset the PIN to four digits.

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How to Change ATM PIN for HDFC credit card through Net Banking

Use Net Banking to modify the PIN on your credit card by following the instructions below:

  • Enter your I Customer ID and IPIN to log into Net Banking.
  • Navigate to the section on credit cards.
  • Click "Request" and then "Credit Card ATM PIN" in the left-hand column under "Credit Cards."
  • After choosing the credit card, proceed.
  • Check the number on your mobile device. After reading the terms and conditions, click "Confirm."
  • Give the OTP.
  • You will receive a Green PIN on the registered mobile number.
  • Go to the closest ATM operated by HDFC Bank and choose "To create new ATM PIN."
  • Enter the registered mobile number for the primary card and the new ATM PIN of your choice when requested.

How to Change HDFC Credit Card PIN by Sending an SMS

Send an SMS to 5676712 in the format "CCPIN XXXX" from your registered mobile phone (XXXX stands for your credit card number's final four digits).

How to Use HDFC Credit Card PIN?

  • At every Point of Sale where a cardholder uses his HDFC credit card, the POS system requests that the PIN be input.
  • To finish the transaction, the cardholder must input the four-digit PIN into the POS system.
  • When making an online purchase with an HDFC credit card, the cardholder has the choice to finish the transaction with a MasterCard Secure Code, PIN, or OTP.

AT POS Terminals

  • The PIN-enabled point of sale terminal requires the vendor to insert the credit card.
  • Prior to entering the transaction amount, the cardholder must confirm it.
  • The transaction is finished and a confirmation receipt is created after the credit card PIN is entered.
  • If the terminal is equipped with the PayWave or PayPass functioning, the cardholder can make purchases up to Rs. 2000 without even needing to input their PIN. All he needs to do is bring his card close to the point of sale, and the payment will be processed instantly.

HDFC Credit Card PIN safety precautions

To safeguard your HDFC credit card against fraudulent transactions and cyberattacks, please keep to the following safety measures:

  • Make sure your credit card is always swipe in front of you.
  • Never give someone access to the images of your credit card.
  • Pick a PIN that is simple to understand but challenging to figure out.
  • Never give someone else access to the PIN or one-time passwords that you get on your phone.
  • Never ask someone to create your account's credit card PIN.
  • Birthdates, wedding anniversaries, and other easily guessed numbers should not be used as PINs.
  • Be sure to generate or update credit card PINs using your own laptop, smartphone, and other devices.
  • Never disclose your credit card information via SMS, email, or other means.
  • Your credit card PIN shouldn't be written down on paper or on the card itself.
  • A specific sequence, like four times zero or four times one, should never be used for the PIN because it increases the chance that a hacker will be able to figure it out with ease.
  • Maintain distinct PINs for various cards: It is never a good idea to use the same PIN across many credit cards as this could encourage the misuse of the other cards as well.

FAQs on HDFC Credit Card PIN Generation

No, the PIN on your add-on cards won't change. The PIN for the add-on card must be changed individually.

To disable the missing card, give the HDFC Bank customer service number a call. Here is the customer service number for each city.

If for any reason you want to reset HDFC credit card PIN you can follow the same steps that are given above to change the credit card PIN. You can reset the credit card PIN by visiting the nearest HDFC Bank or via HDFC Net banking.

Changing the PIN on a credit card is really simple. You must access the cards area of your HDFC Bank net banking account after logging in. Following that, select "Create new ATM PIN using OTP" from the "Requests" menu on the left side of the screen.

Credit card PINs are simple to create using net banking or by going to an HDFC ATM.

No, you are still able to use the previous PIN to get new and renewed credit cards.

No, your HDFC add-on cards will have their own PIN. It will be mailed to your registered mailing address as a physical PIN.

Call HDFC customer service as soon as possible to report the loss and ask them to block the card. This will guarantee that your credit card cannot be misused.

No, since this feature is only available for primary cards, you are unable to create a PIN for your HDFC Bank add-on credit card using net banking services. Additional ways to generate PINs for add-on cards include going to a bank branch or using an HDFC ATM, among others.

In the same way that the account holder does, you can still create or modify the PIN for your HDFC Bank credit card even if you are not the account holder. You can use the net banking function to generate or modify your PIN.

No, using an SMS to create an HDFC credit card PIN is not possible. Alternatively, you can get a PIN by going to the HDFC Bank ATM or making a call to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and verifying the request for a PIN generating using an OTP number.

No, you are unable to create a PIN for your card without also creating a new PIN for additional cards. For other cards that you use, you also need to change the PIN.

Creating an HDFC credit card PIN can be done in a few different methods, including through a net banking account, an HDFC Bank ATM, or an HDFC IVR helpline call.

No, if your card is blocked, you are unable to create your HDFC credit card PIN. Prior to creating the PIN, you must unblock the card.

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