HDFC Credit Card Net Banking

For quick and simple credit card account management, HDFC Bank provides its customers with net banking. HDFC credit card holders get access to a variety of online services through the credit card net banking facility, such as credit limit, cash limit, available balance, and other account information; they may also view credit card statements, unbilled transactions, and much more.

How To Register for HDFC Credit Card Net Banking?

Every customer of HDFC Bank has an automatic registration for the Net Banking service. On the other hand, there are four free ways for you to register if you haven't already for this facility.

Online Registration

Step 1: Open an online banking account at Click the Credit Card NetBanking link in the center of the page. Next, select Register Online. Step 2: The page below will be displayed to you. After completing all the details, click Accept terms and conditions. Click 'Submit' once you have finished entering all the information. Step 3: Select "Continue" after checking the box next to the phone number where the One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered. Step 4: Enter the OTP that was texted to the mobile number you registered. Step 5: Provide your credit card information. Step 6: Set your IPIN. Step 7: Enter your IPIN and Customer ID/User ID to log into your Net Banking account.


Use the instructions listed below to register for or open an HDFC credit card net banking account via an ATM:

Step 1: Go to any ATM issued by HDFC Bank. Step 2: Enter your ATM PIN and credit card number Step 3: Choose 'Other Option' from the home screen. Step 4: Select 'Net Banking Registration' and make sure it's correct.

Your registered mailing address will receive a couriered copy of your IPIN.


The steps listed below can be used to register or open an HDFC credit card net banking account using PhoneBanking:

Step 1: Dial the PhoneBanking number from whichever number matches your city. Step 2: Enter your credit card number and PIN OR your customer ID and TIN (telephone identification number). Step 3: Provide the PhoneBanking agent with your Net Banking registration request.

Within five business days, a courier will deliver your IPIN to the mailing address you registered.

Bank Branch

The steps listed below can be used to register or create an HDFC credit card net banking account at a bank branch:

Step 1: Go to the bank's website and download the Net Banking Registration form. Step 2: Print the form, fill in the necessary information, and send it in at any HDFC Bank location.

Your registered mailing address will receive a couriered copy of your IPIN.

Important Information: There is no cost associated with requesting Net Banking Registration.

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HDFC Credit Card Payment Through Net Banking

If you have access to HDFC credit card net banking, you can pay your credit card bill with only a few clicks. You can stop depending on other people to pay your credit card account once you've put the HDFC mobile app onto your phone. Pay credit card bills with an HDFC net banking account by using:

Step 1: Open your account and log in. Step 2: Choose the credit card you want to use to pay the bill with. Step 3: Proceed with the instructions by selecting 'Transact > Credit Card Payment'.

Apply for HDFC Insta Loan through Net Banking

The HDFC Insta Loan is a helpful product that you can apply for with your card's approved credit limit. Please take note that only a limited number of HDFC clients are eligible for this financing option. The main features of an instant loan are its fast disbursal and not need verification. You can use net banking to apply for an Insta Loan by following the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Open the net banking portal. Step 2: Choose "Credit Card" and click "Insta Loan." Step 3: Select the credit card in question and click "Continue." Step 4: You will now be asked to enter the required loan amount (up to the card limit that is available). After selecting the repayment period, click "Confirm." Step 5: An acknowledgement for the loan's approval or rejection will appear on the screen.

Apply for SmartEMI via Net Banking

You may easily convert any purchase made with your selected credit card into an EMI by using HDFC's SmartEMI feature. However, only a limited number of HDFC clients are able to use this service. Applying for SmartEMI with HDFC Net Banking requires:

Step 1: Open the Net Banking interface. Step 2: Select "Credit Card" from the menu on the left, followed by "SmartEMI." Step 3: Choose the card and the transaction that has to be converted to a SmartEMI. Step 4: The chosen transaction will automatically become an EMI as soon as the customer submits the necessary information. To use this option for the first time, there is a processing fee. Depending on the repayment period chosen, interest will be added to the monthly EMIs.

Block or Hotlist HDFC credit card

If your credit card is lost or stolen, you can use your net banking account to block the card without having to call customer support.

Step 1: After selecting "Credit card" under Net Banking, select "Hotlisting." Step 2: Choose the card that will be blocked. Step 3: Add a reason that it was either lost or stolen. Step 4: Lastly, select "Yes" or "No" to request a new card, then select "Submit."

Advantages of HDFC Credit Card Online

One such tool that gives you access to all kinds of HDFC credit card account information in one location is HDFC credit card online banking. Additionally, you are permitted to handle a number of credit card-related transactions on your own with just a few clicks. A few benefits of HDFC Bank's online credit card service are listed below.

Check credit card statements

While you can receive monthly credit card statements from HDFC Bank at your registered email address, accessing the information can be a little challenging since you have to filter the email you receive, enter your password, and then see or download the information. You may easily check your last six-month period of bank statements by logging into your HDFC credit card net banking account.

Account Information with Just a Click

Customers who have credit cards can quickly and easily access important credit card account information through their net banking account, including:

  • Total credit limit as well as cash limit
  • Both billed and unbilled transactions
  • Using the net banking facility makes managing two credit cards easy.
  • Credit availability and cash limit
  • Date of payment due

Raise requests

You have certain extra benefits if you have access to a credit card net banking service. Making requests does not need contacting customer service. With the help of your net banking account, you can independently handle requests. Among the top requests covered by this facility are:

  • Raise the credit card limit
  • Redeeming reward points
  • Upgrade to a new card
  • Make loan requests and use additional EMI services, such as HDFC Insta Loan and SmartEMI.

Credit card block/hotlist

Receive your credit card statement through email.

  • Autopay facility Register/deregister
  • Generate/re-generate PIN for credit card
  • New/old card register/deregister

FAQs on HDFC Credit Card Login

You can view your credit card statement at any time by logging into your online credit card account and selecting the statement information. If you choose to receive electronic statements, your card issuer should inform you via email each month when your updated statement becomes accessible.

You can take the following actions to deregister from the credit card net banking service: To stop using that specific card for net banking, select the card you want to de-register by clicking on it on the net banking webpage. Then, click "Confirm" to complete the process.

Simply apply for a new IPIN after completing the verification process (providing the card number and other proprietary information as needed on screen) to reactivate your credit card net banking account.

The use of HDFC Bank credit card net banking is free of charge. It is given away without charge.

Some possible reasons why your HDFC Bank credit card net banking account may have been disabled are as follows: You have not used the facility for more than 120 days, and it has been declared inactive since you have entered the IPIN password incorrectly more than five times.

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