SBI Credit Card Statement

SBI Card sends you monthly credit card statements to keep you updated on your transactions and other information. You can easily check your statement online or offline. The bank also offers e-statements, which are sent to your email every month. Now, let's explore the key details about your SBI Credit Card Statement.

Your SBI Credit Card Statement is like a report card showing how you've used your credit card in a month. It's a short document, usually one or two pages, that tells you about your transactions, how much you paid last month, how much you need to pay this month, and the due date for your payment. It's crucial to review your statement to catch any suspicious charges and make sure you pay on time to avoid extra fees.

To see your SBI Credit Card Statement, you can go online and log into your credit card account. You can also use the SBI Card mobile app for this. If you prefer a quick way, the bank has a chatbot that can provide your credit card statement within a few minutes. Here's how you can download your credit card statement online.

How to Check SBI Credit Card Statement through Official Website

1. Go to the official SBI Card website.

2. Log in using your registered login ID and password.

3. Look for the 'My Account' option on the left side of the home screen.

4. Click on it and choose 'Card Statement' from the drop-down menu.

5. Your SBI Credit Card Statement will be displayed, showing the total amount due, payment date, and a breakdown of your expenses.

How to Check SBI Credit Card Statement through Chatbot ILA

1. Visit the official SBI Card website.

2. Look for the 'Ask ILA' option in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Log in using your SBI Card user ID and password.

4. Click on 'Statement' among the provided options, and the live assistant will guide you to view your credit card statement and other card-related details.

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How to Check SBI Credit Card Statement through Mobile App

1. Download the SBI Card app from the Play Store or App Store.

2. Log in using your user ID and password, or use features like Touch ID or MPIN.

3. Select the 'My Account' option from the main menu.

4. Click on 'Account Details' and then choose 'Card Statement.'

5. Tap on 'View Statement' and pick your preferred time duration.

How to Opt for SBI Credit Card E-statement

Getting your monthly credit card statements through email is easy and convenient. It's called an e-statement, and it's a quick, secure, and hassle-free way compared to other statement methods. Just make sure your email is registered with the bank, and you'll automatically receive your monthly statements. Here's how you can opt for an e-statement:

1. Call Customer Care:

  • Dial the customer care number and let them know you'd like to switch to e-statements.

2. Send an SMS:

  • Text ESR or ESTMT XXXX to 5676791 (replace XXXX with the last four digits of your credit card number).

3. Visit the Official Website:

  • Go to the official website, click on 'Ask ILA,' and log in with your online account user ID and password to subscribe to e-statements.

4. Email Request:

  • Send an email to the bank expressing your desire to switch to e-statements.

Note: XXXX stands for the last 4 digits of your credit card. Also, the SMS should be sent from the mobile number registered with the bank.

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If you prefer not to check your SBI Credit Card Statement online, you have the option of using offline methods. Here are the ways you can check your credit card statement:

1. Via SMS:

  • Send an SMS in a specified format: DSTMT XXXX MM to 5676791.
  • XXXX represents the last 4 digits of your SBI Card, and MM is the statement month. Use the mobile number registered with the bank.

2. Through Customer Care:

  • Contact SBI Credit Card Customer Care, provide necessary card details, and, after authentication, request your credit card statement.

3. Via Post:

  • Request a hard copy of your credit card statement to be sent to your registered residential address. Allow up to 10 calendar days for delivery.

4. By Visiting the Branch:

  • Visit the nearest State Bank of India branch and request your credit card statement for the chosen time duration.

The SBI Credit Card Statement is an official document that includes important details and terms. It covers various components like the payment due date, transaction history, billing cycle, and more. Here are some common terms you'll find in your SBI Credit Card Statement:

Billing Cycle: This is the time period for which you need to pay for your credit card expenses.

Payment Due Date: It's the deadline by which you must pay the bank. If you pay after this date, you may incur late payment charges.

Total Amount Due: This includes all your transactions and charges up to the statement date, covering your previous balance, new purchases, balance transfers, and additional fees.

Minimum Amount Due: The smallest sum you must pay by the due date to avoid extra charges.

Closing Balance: The overall amount you need to pay if you decide to clear your entire debt.

Current Outstanding Balance: The total amount due to the bank before the payment due date.

Transaction Summary: A recap of all the transactions you made with your credit card during the statement period.

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When you look at your credit card statement, it's important to make sure there are no mistakes, like transactions you didn't make. If you find any issues, here's what you can do:

1. Call Customer Service:

  • Give the bank a call and tell them about the problem. Make sure to have proof like receipts or details of the issue handy.

2. Visit the Bank:

  • Go to the bank and talk to someone in person. They'll guide you on what to do next.

3. Write a Letter:

  • If you prefer, write a letter to the bank explaining the problem and include any proof you have.

1. I don’t have an account with SBI. Can I opt for SBI Credit Card E-statement?

Yes, all credit cardholders, regardless of whether they have an account with the bank or not, can choose to receive e-statements. However, you will need to send a request to the bank if you want to opt for e-statements.

2. How can I place a request for duplicate SBI Credit Card Statement?

If you need a duplicate statement, you can request it in a few ways:

  • Official Website: Visit the official SBI Card website and send a request for a duplicate statement.
  • Mobile App: Use the SBI Card mobile app to request a duplicate statement.
  • Chatbot ILA: Utilize the Chatbot ILA option on the SBI Card website to request a duplicate statement.

3. How can I check the last 24-month transactions of my SBI Credit Card?

To see your transactions, log in to the SBI Card website with your user ID and password. Once logged in, go to the 'Statement' section to view your transactions from the last 24 months. Alternatively, you can also check your transaction history using the Chatbot ILA option on the website.

4. What is the password to open the pdf file of the SBI Credit Card Statement?

To view your SBI Credit Card Statement, you need a password. The password is your primary credit card number, which is a 16-digit long number. Use this number to access and check your credit card statements.

5. Does SBI incur any charges for SBI Credit Card E-statement?

No, you won't be charged by the bank for downloading your credit card statement through its official website or for e-statements. However, keep in mind that there might be a small fee if you choose to receive physical statements.

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