RBL Shoprite Credit Card

The RBL Bank Shoprite Credit Card is ideal for individuals who frequently make purchases, spend on fuel, and enjoy entertainment. This card provides value-back through reward points and direct discounts with specific brands. Priced at an annual fee of Rs. 500, it's a suitable option for those who are new to credit cards and looking for a cost-effective choice.

As RBL Bank has discontinued its Edition Program, all RBL Bank Edition Cardholders were moved to RBL Shoprite Credit Card. Customers who owned the lifetime-free variant of Edition Card will also get the Shoprite Card lifetime-free. While Edition Card was a dining focused credit card launched with Zomato, Shoprite does not offer any dining benefits. As a result, many cardholders are dissatisfied with the transition. If you are also confused whether you should continue using this card or switch to a different option, here is a detailed review of its features.

Key Highlights of RBL Bank Shoprite Credit Card

RBL Bank Shoprite Credit Card
Best Suited For Entertainment, Grocery, Rewards
Joining Fee Rs. 500
Annual Fee Rs. 500
Welcome Benefit Get 2,000 Bonus Reward Points on Joining.
Movie Benefits Get a 10% Discount on Movie Tickets
Reward Benefits Earn 1 reward point for every INR 100 spent on your purchases except Fuel, Railways, Utility, Rental and Miscellaneous categories*
Best Feature Avail 5% Value Back on Grocery Spending

*Terms and conditions apply.

Welcome Benefit: When you pay the joining fee for this card, you'll receive a welcome gift of 2,000 reward points.

Value Back: Cardholders can earn value back on groceries and fuel at the following rates:

  • Groceries: 5% value back (equivalent to 20 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent)
  • Fuel: 2.5% value back (equivalent to 10 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent)

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Movie Benefits: You can enjoy a 10% discount (up to Rs. 100) on movie tickets at BookMyShow, and this offer can be used 15 times a year.

Reward Points: For all purchases, except fuel, you earn 1 Reward Point for every Rs. 100 spent.

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Fuel Surcharge Waiver: You receive a fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel stations for transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4,000, with a maximum surcharge cap of Rs. 100 per month.

Annual Fee Reversal: If you spend Rs. 1 lakh in the previous year, you can have your annual fee reversed.

Titles Details
Annual Fee Rs. 500
Finance Charges Up to 3.99% p.m. (47.88% p.a.)
Late Payment Charges 12.5% of the outstanding amount (Min. Rs. 5 | Max. Rs. 1,300)

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To apply for the RBL Shoprite Bank Credit Card, applicants should meet the following eligibility criteria:

Criteria Details
Occupation Salaried and Self-Employed
Minimum Income for Salaried Applicants Greater than Rs.45,000 per month
Minimum Income for Self-Employed Greater than Rs.45,000 per month
Serviceable Cities Click here for the list of eligible cities

Along with the duly filled application form, RBL Bank will also ask for valid proof of identity, address and income. Documents Required for RBL Bank Credit Card

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Below mentioned is a comparison of a few similar credit cards:

Credit Cards Annual Fee Comparative Feature*
SBI SimplySAVE Credit Card Rs. 499 10X reward points on groceries, departmental stores, dining and movies
Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card Rs. 999 5% cashback on groceries and departmental store spends
Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card Rs. 500 10% cashback on BigBasket up to Rs. 500 per month
ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card Nil 5% cashback on all Amazon Spends for PRIME Members and 3% for non-PRIME members
American Express SmartEarn Credit Card Rs. 495 10X Membership Rewards® Points on your spending on Flipkart, Amazon and Uber

*T&C Apply

The RBL Shoprite credit card is a good choice for beginners, especially if you want benefits on groceries and entertainment. But if you already have a credit card like HDFC Regalia or SBI Card PRIME with better rewards, this card may not offer much additional value.

RBL Bank Edition Cardholders who have been moved to the Shoprite Card should see whether this card offers benefits on a category that are not covered by their existing credit cards. For example, if you have a fuel credit card like BPCL SBI Card or a card that offers benefits on groceries such as Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card, you should consider switching to a different RBL Card that better aligns with your requirements. Also, as it is a lifetime-free card, you can keep the card account open as it would help lower your CUR and help you maintain a good credit score.

Value-back Comparison: RBL Shoprite vs. SBI SimplyCLICK vs. Standard Charterered Manhattan

Transaction Amount (in Rs.) Reward Points on RBL Shoprite Reward Points on SBI SimplySAVE Reward Points on StanC Manhattan
Online Grocery Spends Rs. 10,000 1,000 (maximum cap) 667 Rs. 500
Departmental Store Spends Rs. 8,000 0 (as the maximum cap has already been reached) 533 Rs. 400
Fuel Rs. 8,000 0 0 Rs. 160
Movie Tickets Rs. 2,000 20 133 Rs. 40
Dining Rs. 5,000 50 333 Rs. 100
Apparel Rs. 5,000 50 33 Rs. 100
Other Offline Spends Rs. 2,000 20 13 Rs. 40
Total Rs. 40,000 1,140 points 1,712 points Rs. 900 cashback + 440 points

Since the fuel benefit on RBL Shoprite has also been discontinued from June 2024, this card only holds value for beginners who may not be eligible for better cards. As we can see from the comparison above, Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card would be a much better choice.

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1. How can I avail the 10% discount for movies with this card?

When booking your movie tickets on BookMyShow's payment page, just go to the "Offers and Discounts" section and choose the RBL Bank 10% discount option. This will automatically apply the discount to your total movie bill.

2. How much discount will I get on grocery shopping?

The RBL Shoprite credit card is an excellent choice for your day-to-day shopping, especially for groceries. You can receive up to 5% value back on all your grocery expenses, with a maximum of 1000 reward points in a month.

3. What is the Annual Fee on this credit card?

The annual fee of this credit card is Rs.500 plus applicable taxes

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