HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

With your HDFC Credit Card, you can earn rewards across various categories like travel, shopping, dining, and groceries. These rewards can be earned and redeemed both online and offline. Earning reward points can help you save on your expenses, while redeeming them allows you to maximize the benefits. As you accumulate reward points over time, you can use them for vouchers, ticket bookings, or cashback according to your needs and lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more.

When you use an HDFC Rewards Credit Card to make payments, you earn points as rewards. These points can be used for various things like vouchers for popular brands, cashback, air miles, and booking flights and hotels through the Unified SmartBuy portal. We've put together all the important information about HDFC r eward points, including how to earn and redeem them, the product catalogue, and more, on this page.

How to Earn HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

You earn reward points every time you use your HDFC Credit Card, but this depends on factors like minimum transaction value and transaction type, which vary from card to card. To make the most of your rewards:

  1. Pick a credit card that matches your lifestyle. For instance, if you shop online often, choose a card that offers rewards for online shopping.
  2. Take a close look at the card's main features and benefits. Understanding your card well helps you maximize its benefits.
  3. Keep track of the expiration date of your reward points to make sure you get the most out of them. Redeem your earned points before they expire.

How to Check HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

You can easily check your HDFC credit card reward points balance and other details through:

  1. Credit Card Statement: Each month, you'll receive a credit card statement from the bank. This statement includes all the information about your reward points. You can check your balance and expiry date directly from your credit card statement.
  2. Net Banking/Mobile Banking: Simply log in to your net banking account or mobile app and navigate to the "Reward Points" section to view your balance.

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How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

You can redeem your HDFC Bank reward points using either online or offline methods. To redeem online, use HDFC internet banking. If you prefer offline, fill out a redemption form and mail it in. Here's how to do it.

HDFC Credit Card Reward Points Redemption Online

Step 1: Log in to HDFC internet banking with your customer ID and password.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Credit Card’ tab at the top.

Step 3: On the left panel, choose ‘Redeem Reward Points’.

Step 4: Select the credit card you want to redeem points for and click ‘Continue’ to access the online redemption portal.

Step 5: On the redemption portal homepage, click ‘Redeem Reward Points’. Choose your ‘Points Range’ and ‘Item Category’ to browse the rewards catalogue.

Step 6: Pick the items you want to redeem points for and confirm them in your shopping cart.

Step 7: Check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box and click ‘Redeem’ to finish the transaction.

HDFC Credit Card Reward Points Redemption Offline

To redeem HDFC reward points offline, follow these steps:

  • 1. Download the redemption form.
  • 2. Fill it out completely.
  • 3. Post the duly filled form to the address provided or drop it at your nearest credit card dropbox.
Top Brands: HDFC Credit Card Rewards Catalogue E-vouchers
Titan VLCC BookMyShow
Bata Lifestyle Shoppers Stop
Pantaloons Croma Hidesign
Central Raymond FastrackMax Fashion
Kalyan Jewellery Joy Alukkas Westside

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to use HDFC credit card reward points?

You have the flexibility to utilize your HDFC Credit Card reward points for various options such as purchases through the rewards catalogue, vouchers, Air Miles, cash credit, and more. Within the rewards catalogue, you can redeem your points for a wide range of categories including electronic devices, travel & luggage, accessories, appliances, clothing, and much more.

2. What is the reward redemption fee charged for HDFC credit cards?

The bank charges a reward redemption fee of Rs. 99 for redeeming your reward points for products or vouchers. However, this fee doesn't apply if you want to redeem your points as cashback. To redeem points as cashback, you need a minimum of 2,500 reward points in your card account to proceed with your request.

3. Can I redeem reward points of HDFC credit card against products?

Absolutely, you can redeem your accumulated reward points for various products listed in the rewards catalogue. The catalogue offers a range of categories including travel accessories, storage devices, lifestyle products, eVouchers, and more.

4. When does HDFC credit card reward points expire?

HDFC Bank credit card reward points are valid for two years. For example, if you have 2,000 reward points on March 31, 2020, they will be valid until March 2022. It's crucial to monitor your earned reward points to ensure you maximize the benefits before they expire.

5. How can I redeem reward points of HDFC credit card against gift vouchers?

HDFC Bank offers the option to redeem your earned reward points for products or gift vouchers available in the HDFC credit card rewards catalogue. Simply log in to your net banking account and redeem your reward points for vouchers from top brands like Croma, BookMyShow, Raymond, Pantaloons, and others. It's important to note that the available brands may change over time, as per the bank's website.

6. How many HDFC credit card reward points I can redeem at a time?

There's no limit to redeeming your reward points, but you must have a minimum of 500 points to make a redemption request. To proceed, fill out a rewards redemption form and submit it to the bank. Alternatively, you can also claim your reward points by logging in to your net banking account.

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