IGRS Telangana Encumbrance Certificate

IGRS Telangana Encumbrance Certificate

The Telangana Encumbrance Certificate is a vital legal document providing evidence of property ownership or free title. Generally required during property transactions and when applying for house loans, it encompasses comprehensive legal and financial details regarding the property. Citizens of Telangana can conveniently obtain the Encumbrance Certificate online via the official website of the Registration & Stamps Department, Government of Telangana, accessible at https://registration.telangana.gov.in/.

How to Get Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Online

To obtain a Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Online, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit https://registration.telangana.gov.in/index.htm the Telangana Registration and Stamp Department’s official web portal. 
Step 2: Click on the ‘Encumbrance Certificate’ link under the ‘Online Services’ section.
Step 3: You will be directed to another page where you must log in using your credentials.
Step 4: Read and acknowledge the disclaimer, then click on ‘Submit’.
Step 5: On the subsequent page, select the search criteria from a dropdown menu.
Step 6: If you choose “Document No.” as your search criteria, input the first few letters of your SRO’s name and the year of registration to search for the Telangana EC.
Step 7: If you opt for “Form Entry” as your search criteria, fill in the required fields including flat number, house number, district name, and SRO details, among others.

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Features and Benefits of IGRS Telangana

The IGRS Telangana portal offers several significant benefits:

Document Verification: Users can easily check and verify various important documents such as society/firm/property registration certificates through this portal.

Accessibility: The portal is accessible at any time from smart devices or computers, eliminating the need to physically visit government offices, saving time and effort.

Grievance Addressal: The portal allows users to address grievances about government services, providing a convenient platform for resolution.

Services Provided by IGRS Telangana

By visiting the IGRS portal of the Telangana Government, you can access a wide range of services:

  1. Market Value Search: Determine the current market price of non-agricultural plots or apartments by providing the property's location for an approximate market value assessment.
  2. Property Registration Details: Verify property registration details conveniently through the TS IGRS portal.
  3. Encumbrance Search: Easily search for the encumbrance certificate of a property using this portal.
  4. Marriage Registration: Obtain information regarding marriage requirements for different religions Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc. including pre-registration details for Hindu marriages.
  5. Society Registration: Access details regarding the registration process for societies through this virtual platform.
  6. E-Stamp Transactions: Check e-stamp transactions conveniently via the portal.
  7. Firm Registration: Verify registration details of firms, obtain copies of firm registration certificates, and update registered addresses as needed.
  8. SRO (Sub-Registrar Office) Search: Use the portal to locate your local Sub-Registrar Office easily.
  9. Prohibited Property Search: Identify prohibited properties in an area, such as poramboke and barren lands, for informed decision-making.
  10. Information About Chit Funds: Access information about e-challan registration for chit funds, online T-chits, and other relevant details.
  11. Certified Copy (CC) Download: Download various certified copy documents through the IGRS Telangana portal for your convenience.

IGRS Telangana Contact Details

Toll Free Number: 18005994788

New Grievance Email ID: igrs@igrs.telangana.gov.in

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